Free Service Finds Dirt-Cheap International Flights

A resource that scours the web for deals on cheap international flights, reported by Business Insider:

Few things are better than finding a great deal.

When it comes to air travel, though, travelers that are determined to find the best possible prices on a trip are often left digging through Google Flights, hoping they’re looking at the right dates, times, and airports. But one website is trying to make planning an affordable trip much easier.

Scott’s Cheap Flights was started by Scott Keyes, who previously caught Business Insider’s attention by traveling around the world for little or no money at all. His site finds deals that save customers hundreds of dollars on round-trip international flights.

For example:
-New York to Paris on Christmas week for under $280 (regular price $1,200)
-San Francisco to Melbourne for $421 (regular price $1,200)
-Chicago to Tokyo for $424 (regular price $1,000)

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